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B. Sasikumar - Works
... He still continues contributing lyrics for light songs, conducts and composes songs, composes and arranges musical features, writes dramas and skits for a noted feature of AIR ... many CDs and cassettes, most of them being devotional songs ... his other noted works are "Thamaoma Jyothirgamaya" presented by Soorya Krishnamurthy, Devotional songs (Tamil) - "Sringeri" - with singers Dr ...
Gulab Khandelwal - Works
... Name of Book Name in Hindi Writing Period Genre 1 Kavita कविता 1939-41 Poems Songs 2 Anbindhe Moti अनबिंधे मोती 1939-83 Poems Songs 3 Chandni ...
Vijayanagara Literature In Kannada - Bhakti Literature - Vaishnava Writings
... The Vaishnava Bhakti (devotional) movement involving well-known haridasas (devotee saints) of the 14th through 16th centuries made an indelible imprint on ... appealing to the common man, in the form of devotional songs (written by the Dasa Kuta or Dasa school) ... Kirthanes are devotional musical compositions with refrains based on raga and tala and celebrate the glory of god ...
Filmi Devotional Songs
... Filmi devotional songs (or filmi bhajans) are devotional songs from Hindi movies, or Hindi songs composed to be sung using the melody in a popular filmi song ... While most of these songs relate to Hinduism, often many of the devotional songs are general, and can prove acceptable to followers of other faiths as well ...
Papanasam Sivan - Early Years
... place to place visiting temples and singing devotional songs ... Ramaiya used to be an active participant in the devotional music sessions at the home of Neelakandasivan in Thiruvananthapuram ... of music, Papanasam Sivan was more interested in the devotional aspect of music ...

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