Devol can refer to:

  • Devol (Lil Wayne album)
  • George Devol, inventor of the first industrial robot
  • Frank Denny De Vol, sometimes known simply as DeVol, was an American arranger, composer and actor
  • Devol, Oklahoma
  • Devoll (river) or Devolli, a river in southern Albania
    • Devol (Albania) or Deabolis, a former Bulgarian and Byzantine fortification on the Devol river
    • Treaty of Devol, between Bohemund I of Antioch and Byzantine Emperor Alexius I
    • Devoll District, in the Korçë County of south-eastern Albania.
    • Devoll Hydro Power Plant, a proposed power plant on the Devoll River, in Albania.
  • Devol (Macedonia) or Devolgrad, Diabolis, a medieval fortress near Kavadarci, present-day Republic of Macedonia
  • Devol, a deity in Sinhala Buddhist mythology.

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Canada Bill Jones - Life
... There he joined up with George Devol, Holly Chappell and Tom Brown, working the boats ... When the foursome broke up, Devol and Jones kept at it until the American Civil War ... They fell out when Jones caught Devol trying to cheat him ...
Devol (Albania)
... Devol (Bulgarian Девол) also Deabolis or Diabolis, (Greek Δεάβολις) was a medieval fortress and bishopric in western Macedonia, located south of Lake Ohrid in what is today ... Deabolis/Devol was the site of the Treaty of Devol between Bohemond I of Antioch and Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos in 1108 ... The place Deabolis/Devol on the Devoll river should not be confused with a different medieval fortress likewise called Deabolis, or Devolgrad, situated further east in today's Republic ...
Alexander Devol
... Alexander Devol (born 1984) is a British painter, freelance illustrator and designer living in Lancashire, England ... Devol is the founder of art collective and lifestyle brand Hicalorie and until 2010 created most of his paintings and products working under that name ...
Alexander Devol - Biography
... Devol's work stems from creating street-art and graffiti as a teenager and has led him to now exhibit his artwork internationally in numerous galleries and high profile events ... Devol's work has been described as superflat or pop surrealism ... In 2006 Devol founded Hicalorie which with help from other international artists he developed into an international lifestyle brand, housing a clothing label and design studio ...