Demogroups are teams of demosceners, who make computer based audio-visual works of art known as demos. Demogroups form a subculture collectively known as the demoscene.

Groups frequently consist of students, young computer enthusiasts who spend days coding their demos. They often have a pseudonym (called a "handle" or "nick"), usually chained together with the name of their group (in formats like "Scener of Demo Group" or "Scener/DG"). Demosceners rarely use their real names in demoscene contexts. This is a tradition originating from the demoscene's roots, where small demos were distributed along with cracked software, usually computer games.

Many demogroups have been founded by friends who already knew each other in real life. However, there have also been groups that have taken their form online via Bulletin Board Systems or the Internet. Perhaps the most important way for demogroups to communicate is IRC. Demosceners from different groups also meet each other in real life at demoparties and smaller meetings.

Demogroups often bear resemblances to corporate companies: demogroups incorporate wordmarks, logos, catchphrases and slogans for their promotion. It is very important for a demogroup to have good PR, and major groups have dedicated group organisers who are responsible for "managing the group's human resources", i.e. nag the members who slack off. Some groups also treat the recruitment of new members with great care, often applying "trial periods" in which the new member has to prove himself to be worthy. However these practices are often just intentional exaggeration (often tongue-in-cheek), to maintain an "elite" image for the group.

A group is perhaps the most important social unit in the demoscene, and belonging to a group is often considered more or less synonymous to being a demoscener. Even individual productions, with no group activity involved, are typically associated with the group of the creative individual. There have even been several "one-man groups" when an individual demomaker with no group has wanted to release a demo or intro.

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