Democratic Left Alliance

Democratic Left Alliance (Polish: Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej, SLD) is a social-democratic political party in Poland. Formed in 1991 as a coalition of centre-left parties, it was formally established as a single party on 15 April 1999. It is currently the third largest opposition party in Poland.

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Grażyna Ciemniak
2001, she campaigned for the Sejm IV term from Bydgoszcz district 4 as candidate from the Democratic Left Alliance-Labor Union (SLD-UP) list and was elected with 8,212 votes ... In 2004 European Parliament election she was a candidate of Democratic Left Alliance-Labor Union from Kuyavian-Pomeranian constituency ... She polled 3,807 votes and was second on the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) list for the Sejm term which ended in 2007 ...
List Of Sejm Members (2007–2011) - Members of Sejm
... Andrzej Adamczyk Law and Justice Romuald Ajchler Social Democracy of Poland Leszek Aleksandrzak Democratic Left Alliance Bartosz Arłukowicz Social Democracy ... Mariusz Błaszczak Law and Justice Anita Błochowiak Democratic Left Alliance Jacek Bogucki Law and Justice Bogdan Bojko Civic Platform 8 – Zielona Góra Marek Borowski ... Platform Janusz Cichoń Civic Platform Grażyna Ciemniak Democratic Left Alliance 4 – Bydgoszcz Replaced Janusz Zemke on 24 June 2009 ...
Democratic Left Alliance - History - 2005 - Now
... In late 2006 a centre-left political alliance called Left and Democrats was created, comprising SLD and smaller centre-left parties, the Labour Union, the Social Democratic Party ...

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