Delphine may refer to:

  • Delphine (novel), a 1802 novel by Madame de Staël
  • Delphine (given name), a feminine given name (and list of people with the name)
  • SS Delphine, a yacht built in 1921 by John and Horace Dodge
  • Delphine Software International, a defunct game development company
  • Of or relating to dolphins

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Starcross (novel) - Plot Summary
... There, they encounter Delphine, one of the guests, a French secret agent determined to find her grandfather’s wrecked ship and create an American-style republic in ... At the wreck, they discover that Delphine’s grandfather was killed by Moobs, and later learn that the Moobs are native to a time period near the end of the universe, and that they live chiefly ... A well-intentioned Moob helps Jack win Delphine’s soldiers to his side, and they return to Starcross ...
Torch Song (1993 Film) - Plot
... Owing to her alcoholism, her relationship with her daughter, Delphine (Alicia Silverstone), is strained ... One night, Delphine photographs her mother while she is drunk ... she wants to forge a relationship with Mike and spend time with her daughter, but Delphine is suspicious of Mike, believing him to be much like the ...
Delphine Records
... Delphine Records or Delphine Productions is a French record label, founded in 1976 by French composer Paul de Senneville and his partner Olivier Toussaint ...
The Master Butchers Singing Club - Plot Summary
... Delphine Watzka is the daughter of Roy Watzka, the town drunk, who grew up in Argus, North Dakota ... Delphine never met her mother and leaves the town to become a vaudeville performer ... Delphine meets and becomes attached to Cyprian, a World War I veteran ...
List Of Minor Emmerdale Characters (2005) - Delphine LaClair
... Delphine LaClair Emmerdale character Portrayed by Brigit Forsyth Introduced by Kathleen Beedles First appearance 15 September 2005 Last appearance 16 ... sell his vineyards to a French company, Delphine is their representative ... A few weeks later, Delphine is supposed to return to finalize details, but instead, her associates, who do not speak English, arrive at the B B and cause a ...