Degree Price Discrimination

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Monopoly (economics) - Price Discrimination
... Improved price discrimination allows a monopolist to gain more profit by charging more to those who want or need the product more or who have a greater ability to pay ... government granted copyright monopoly to price discriminate between (presumed) wealthier economics students and (presumed) poor economics students ... Perfect price discrimination would allow the monopolist to a unique price to each customer based on his or her individual demand ...
Types of Price Discrimination - Third Degree Price Discrimination
... In third degree price discrimination, price varies by attributes such as location or by customer segment, or in the most extreme case, by the individual customer's identity where the attribute in question is ... Additionally to third degree price discrimination, the supplier(s) of a market where this type of discrimination is exhibited are capable of differentiating between consumer classes ... willingness to pay than an average consumer, where the reservation price is presumably lower because of budget constraints ...

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