Debris Flows

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Mount Garibaldi - Volcanic Hazards - Explosive Eruptions
... the Mount Garibaldi area may cause floods, lahars, or debris flows that could possibly threaten small communities such as Brackendale ... Highway 99 is already plagued by landslides and debris flows from the steep rugged Coast Mountains ... Flooding and debris flows could also have severe issues for the salmon fishery on the Squamish, Cheakamus, and Mamquam rivers ...
Debris Flow - Features and Behavior
... Debris flows generally form when unconsolidated material becomes saturated and unstable, either on a hillslope or in a stream channel ... Flows are accelerated downhill by gravity and tend to follow steep mountain channels ... The front, or 'head' of debris flow often contains a great deal of coarser material such as boulders and logs ...
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument - Geology and Paleontology
... the Eocene deposited lavas accompanied by debris flows (lahars) atop the older rocks in the western part of the province ... fragments of shale, siltstone, conglomerates, and breccias, the debris flows entombed plants and animals caught in their paths the remnants of these ancient flows comprise the rock formations ... As with the earlier Clarno debris flows, the rapid deposition of ash preserved the remains of plants and animals living in the region ...
South Tahoma Glacier - Debris Flows
... The glacier is one of four on Mount Rainier that are known to have released debris flows ... Similar flows have stemmed from the Nisqually, Kautz, and Winthrop glaciers as well ... The glacier has at least 23 recorded debris flows since 1967, with 15 reported between the years 1986 and 1992 ...

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