De Swaen

De Swaen can refer to

  • De Swaen (restaurant) - Michelin starred restaurant in The Netherlands
  • Michiel de Swaen - surgeon and rederijker from the Southern Netherlands

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Michiel De Swaen - Childhood, Schooling and Professional Life
... Michiel de Swaen studied at the college of the Jesuits in his native town, where he probably got a humanist education, acquired chiefly through theatre, as in those days ... years of schooling - three of which with a surgeon and three at an unknown place - De Swaen settled in Dunkirk (Duinkerke) as a surgeon and barber, at the same time being committed to ... in those days there were already 14 surgeons active in Dunkirk, De Swaen must have found enough patients as he complained in an occasional poem about the limited time he could spend on poetry ...
Michiel De Swaen - Historical and Literary Background - The Occupation of Dunkirk
... events of that time also considerably affected De Swaen’s own life ... In 1662, De Swaen being eight years old, England sold the Dutch city of Dunkirk to King Louis XIV of France ... Moreover, all works De Swaen wrote were written in Dutch ...
Michiel De Swaen - Varia
... The French Flemish "Michiel de Swaenkring" (Michiel de Swaen circle) has been named after him ... In Duinkerke (Dunkirk) a street and a secondary school "Le Collège Michel de Swaen" have been named after him and in Nieuw-Koudekerke, there is a Michiel de Swaen Square ...