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The first locomotives were delivered in the usual 'crimson' (RAL 3004) of that time. In 1974 218 217 and 218 218 were used as test vehicles for new colour schemes : 218 218 was the first locomotive in the new ocean blue-beige (turquoise/cream) finish (RAL 5020/RAL 1001). 218 217 received an experimental livery in the TEE red and beige (RAL 1001/RAL 3004).

The turquoise/cream colour became a new standard for the 218, whilst the 218 217 in the burgundy and beige remained a loner, for almost thirty years, until 753 001 (ex 217 001) became the second locomotive from the V160 family to receive this colour scheme.

By the late 2000s the turquoise/cream colour had virtually, the last representative being DB AutoZug 218 320.

In 1984 for the City-Bahn railway on the Cologne - Gummersbach ten locomotives were painted in pure orange (RAL 2004) with a grey stripe, after the project ended they retained the livery until the 1990s when they received the orientrot scheme of the 'oriental red' color (RAL 3031) with a white markings, the last 218 135 being repainted in 1996

The remaining Class 218 locomotives are almost entirely in the current traffic-red (RAL 3020) colour scheme.

As an oddity 218 473 was, for four years from April 2005 onwards, painted in a dark blue "King Ludwig" in model train manufacturer Märklin sponsored dark blue "King Ludwig" livery.

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