Dawa or Dawah may refer to:

  • Dawah, usually denotes proselytizing of Islam
  • Dawa (Tibetan phrase), meaning "moon" or "month"
  • Islamic Dawa Party, an Iraqi conservative political party.
  • Dawa River, a river in Ethiopia
  • Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

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Dawa River
... The Dawa River is a perennial river in southeastern Ethiopia ... Rising in the mountains east of Aleta Wendo, the Dawa flows south and east to join with the Ganale Dorya at the border with Somalia to become the Jubba ... Prospectors have found gold along the Dawa between the Awata and Kojowa tributaries ...
Dawa Wa Irshad
... Dawa wa Irshad (Arabic دعوة و إرشاد‎) is a Saudi Wahhabist organization, whose name translates to "Call and Guidance" ... Tribunal were "The detainee is associated with the Dawa wa Irshad non-governmental organization." "Dawa wa Irshad is a terrorist organization." ...
Dire Dawa - Economy
... Dire Dawa received postal service in August 1906, becoming the third location after Addis Ababa and Harar ... Telephone service was available by 1954 by 1967, Dire Dawa had almost 500 telephone numbers, more than almost all other towns including Gondar, Harar, and Jimma ... The CSA estimated in 2005 that farmers in Dire Dawa had a total 40,400 head of cattle (representing 0.1% of Ethiopia's total cattle), 46,280 sheep (0.27%), 118,770 goats (0.92%), 8,8 ...
... one of the four woredas in the chartered city of Dire Dawa in Ethiopia ... only woreda without a zone or a kilil because the federal government did not want Dire Dawa to be surrounded by the Somali State and the Somali Gurguras did not want to be part of Oromia ... In the end it became part of Dire Dawa ...
Dawa - China
... Dawa County (大洼县), Liaoning Towns (大洼镇) Dawa, Jilin, in Ningjiang District, Songyuan Dawa, Dawa County, Liaoning Dawa, Changtu County, Liaoning ...