Dash (Oriya Surname)

Dash (Oriya Surname)

Dash (Oriya ଦାଶ, Devnagari-दाश) is an Oriya Brahmin surname who belongs to Utkala Brahmins.Some of them write Dash-Sharma(Sanskrit-दाशशर्मा ).(It is to be noted that Bengali Vaidya-Brahmins also have this Dash/Dash-Sharma surname, which suggests that they probably share a common origin.) They are settled throughout Orissa and follow mainly the Shrauta tradition of Hinduism and any form of Vishnu as Kuladevata . A minority of Oriya Brahmins sometimes use the shorter form 'Das'. The shorter surname Das is more commonly a Kayastha surname in Orissa and West Bengal. So all family surnames ending as Dash indicate Brahmin ancestry in Orissa, while Das could be of Brahmin ancestry.

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Dash (Oriya Surname) - Meaning of The Term "Dash"
... The families of all Dash'surname once expertised 10 granthas(books)assigned to Vedas especially Shukla Yajurveda,so the surname given.These 10 granthas are Kaanva Samhita,Kanva ... So or "DashaH granthadhyayin DaashaH"means who ... It implies a magnanimous person Daani Vyakti in Sanskrit) ...

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