Dannebrog (until the mid 20th century often spelled Danebrog) may refer to;

  • The national Flag of Denmark
  • Order of the Dannebrog (Danish, Dannebrogordenen): A Royal Danish decoration.
  • Dannebrog, Nebraska: A village in Nebraska, United States
  • Dannebrog Rederi A/S: A Danish shipping company, named after the flag
  • Dannebrog (ship)
    • HDMS Dannebrog
      • HDMS Dannebrog (ironclad): A Royal Danish Navy ironclad frigate.
      • HDMY Dannebrog
        • Kongeskibet Dannebrog: The first royal Danish yacht (1879-1932), named after the flag
        • Kongeskibet Dannebrog: The royal Danish yacht (A540), named after the flag
  • Cirkus Dannebrog: A Danish circus

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... a knighthood of the Third Class Order (Ridder af Dannebrog) of Order of the Dannebrog and also the Dannebrogordenens Hæderstegn (Cross of Honour of the Order of ...
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... The Dannebrog, named after the flag of Denmark, was built in 1931–1932 at the Naval Dockyard in Copenhagen ... vessel, an 1879 paddle steamer, also called Dannebrog ... The Royal Yacht Dannebrog is an independent command, administered by the Chief of the Queen’s Naval Household, who is a member of the Royal Household ...
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... holds that during the battle, in the Danes' hour of need, the Danish flag, the Dannebrog, fell from the sky and gave them renewed hope ... According to legend, Denmark received its national flag, the Dannebrog, during the battle ... This older source set the emergence of Dannebrog as a battle in Livonia in 1208 ...
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... Two of them have been named Dannebrog ... HDMY Dannebrog (1879–1932) HDMY Dannebrog (1932–present) ...
Dannebrogordenens Hæderstegn
... Hæderstegn (Cross of Honour of the Order of the Dannebrog) (post-nominals D.Ht.) is a meritous award connected to the Danish Order of the Dannebrog ... cross is of lesser rank than the Order of the Dannebrog, but is considered an additional recognition if awarded (and in modern times it is only awarded) to someone who is already a holder of the Order ... The cross is identical to the knight's cross of the Order of the Dannebrog, except in plain silver it is worn on a ribbon (gentlemen) or bow (ladies) of the Order, white with red edges, nowadays with ...