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The Game Boy versions of Dance Dance Revolution are the first in the series to lack the traditional dance mats meant for feet. Instead, a plastic pad comes with the games and can be clipped onto the front of the player's Game Boy. All of the games immediately provide an option to play using the pad, which is designed to visually resemble a traditional DDR dance pad. This is meant to give the games a more authentic and familiar feel, allowing the player to "dance" with his or her fingers. If the pad is not available, the games can still be played by using the Game Boy's directional arrows and leaving the dance pad option off; this option simply changes the arrow controls to match the edges of the pad. For dealing with jumps (two arrows at the same time), the 'B' button functions as the up arrow, while the 'A' button works as the right arrow. This extra feature is provided since the Game Boy's directional pad does not allow pressing up+down or left+right at the same time.

The series is also well known for an arrow sync issue that makes every song a whole 8th note early, making it difficult to score well.

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