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Dan Heisman (born 1950) is a United States Chess Federation National Master and author. He is the two-time Open chess champion of Philadelphia (1973 and 1976), and the Philadelphia Invitational Chess Champion (1973). His Penn State team won the U.S. Amateur Team Championship in 1972. Although rated over 2200 by both the United States Chess Federation and FIDE, he is currently inactive as a tournament player. Heisman is a member of the International Computer Games Association and worked at both Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov matches (1996 and 1997).

Heisman is related to John Heisman, the football coach who left the endowment for the Heisman Trophy. Dan Heisman's paternal great-grandfather, Aaron, was John Heisman's first cousin.

Heisman is married to Shelly Hahn. His first wife, Susan "Holly" Hollis Bloom Heisman, died of breast cancer in 1994; they had one son, Delen, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Heisman was born in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania in 1950 and currently lives in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

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