• (noun): A person who is part mortal and part god.
    Synonyms: demigod
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SFLphone Design
... SFLphone is based on a MVC model Daemon and client are two separate processes that communicate through D-Bus ... The Model is the daemon ... Daemon handles all the processing including communication layer (SIP/IAX), audio capture and playback, etc ...
Background (computer Software) - Daemon
... A daemon is a type of background process designed to run continually in the background, waiting for event(s) to occur or condition(s) to be met ... When launched with the daemon function, daemons are disassociated from their parent terminal ...
List Of Reborn! Antagonists - Individual - Daemon Spade
... Daemon Spade (D・スペード, Deimon Supēdo?) is the Vongola Primo's Mist Guardian ... military forces, leaving Vongola territory open to attack, Daemon changed and decided to make Vongola a Family that everyone was afraid of and despised to prevent the same thing ... Though he is seemingly defeated by Mukuro, Daemon turned out to be using the opportunity to possess Mukuro's soulless body in the Vendicare's prison before Mukuro did ...
List Of Digimon Locations - Areas in Digimon Adventure - Folder Continent - Daemon's Castle
... デーモン城 (フォルダ大陸, Daemon Shiro?) is the main base for Lord Daemon and his army of evil Digimon ...
List Of Reborn! Antagonists - Simon Family - Julie Katō
... After Daemon seemingly defeated by Mukuro, Julie was freed from Daemon's possession without any memories of what are happening ... to the illusionary world along with Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, and Hibari by Daemon and was trapped there until Tsuna defeated Daemon ... After the final battle against Daemon, he and his Family lives peacefully with Vongola ...

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  • (noun): One of the evil spirits of traditional Jewish and Christian belief.
    Synonyms: devil, fiend, demon, daimon