Cyrano can refer to:

In drama:

  • Cyrano (Damrosch), 1913 opera by Walter Damrosch
  • Cyrano, a 1958 musical by David Shire and Richard Maltby, Jr.
  • Cyrano (musical), 1973 musical with music by Michael J. Lewis, libretto and lyrics by Anthony Burgess
  • Cyrano: The Musical, a 1991 Dutch musical by Ad van Dijk which opened on Broadway in 1993
  • Cyrano, a 1996 Australian musical by David Reeves which opened in Brisbane
  • Cyrano (opera), 2007 opera by David DiChiera
  • Cyrano Agency, a 2010 Korean film

In astronomy:

  • 3582 Cyrano, small main belt asteroid
  • Cyrano (crater), lunar impact crater that lies on the far side of the Moon

Other uses:

  • Cyrano, the radar type of the Dassault Mirage fighter aircraft
  • Cyrano Jones, fictional Star Trek character who deals in tribbles
  • Cyrano (genus) a damselfly genus of the Chlorocyphidae family

Other articles related to "cyrano":

Cyrano De Bergerac (1977)
... Cyrano De Bergerac (1977) was the final "play" made as part of The Morecambe Wise Show (1968) and featured in their final festive edition originally ... up by Morecambe's memorable name is Cyrano, a swordsman and poet, woo the ladies to give them a thrill, but right now I'd like your attention, coz I've got my nose stuck in this grill!.. ...
Cyrano (opera)
... Cyrano is an opera in three acts by David DiChiera (orchestration Mark Flint) to a libretto in French by Bernard Uzan, based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand ...
Cyrano (opera) - Synopsis - Act 1
... and the soldier Le Bret enter looking for one of the Gascon Guards, Cyrano de Bergerac, who has banned Montfleury from performing for a month ... They describe Cyrano as being eloquent and brave, but as being much ridiculed because of his abnormally large nose, a subject on which he is extremely ... The performance commences, but in the middle of it Cyrano chases Montfleury offstage and pays off the theater manager ...
Cyrano Fernandez
... Cyrano Fernandez is a 2007 Venezuelan drama film based on the plays of Cyrano de Bergerac but set in contemporary times ...

Famous quotes containing the word cyrano:

    In it he proves that all things are true and states how the truths of all contradictions may be reconciled physically, such as for example that white is black and black is white; that one can be and not be at the same time; that there can be hills without valleys; that nothingness is something and that everything, which is, is not. But take note that he proves all these unheard-of paradoxes without any fallacious or sophistical reasoning.
    —Savinien Cyrano De Bergerac (1619–1655)