Curb Feeler

Curb Feeler

Curb feelers or curb finders are springs or wires installed on a vehicle which act as "whiskers" to warn drivers that they are too close to the curb or other obstruction.

The devices are fitted low on the body, close to the wheels. As the vehicle approaches the curb, the protruding 'feelers' act as whiskers and scrape against the curb, making a noise and alerting the driver in time to avoid damaging the wheels or hubcaps. The feelers are manufactured to be flexible and do not easily break.

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... Curb feelers based on optical technology are designed to function the same way but work in the proximity of an obstruction rather than having to come into ... As described by one United States patent An electronic curb feeler system uses two pairs of optical sensor units to detect an object located near the front end of a ... Devices such as this, and simpler electronic devices similar to the original wire curb feelers used on cars, are used in the design of various mobile robotic devices ...

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