Cumulus Clouds

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Cumulus - Description - Subforms
... Cumulus clouds come in four distinct species, cumulis humilis, medicris, congestus, and fractus one variety, cumulus radiatus and with seven supplementary features, cumulus pileus, velum ... Cumulus fractus and cumulus pannus are the fair weather and bad weather shredded forms of a cumulus cloud respectively ... Cumulus humilis clouds look like puffy, flattened shapes ...
Stratocumulus Cloud - Classification - Stratocumulus Cumuliformis
... Stratocumulus cumulifomis clouds resemble cumulus clouds, because of significant vertical development ... This type of clouds is classified by shape ... They look like cumulus castellanus, but can be easily confused "towers" of cumulus castellanus grow above separate clouds, whereas in case of stratocumulus castellanus there is always more or less defined layer of ...
... Cumulus clouds are a type of low-level cloud that can have noticeable vertical development and clearly defined edges ... m) in altitude, unless they are of the vertical cumulus congestus form ... Cumulus clouds may appear alone, in lines, or in clusters ...
Coldfront - Development of Cold Front
... Showers, then clearing Clouds* Often preceded by cirrus, cirrostratus then altostratus like a warm front (but usually with smaller amounts of these clouds) ... Larger cumulus clouds under the higher cloud types than at a warm front, where stratocumulus and cumulus humilis usually occur ... Some of these cumulus clouds may produce showers ahead of the front ...

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