Crown Group

In phylogenetics, the crown group of a collection of species consists of the living representatives of the collection together with their ancestors back to their last common ancestor as well as all of that ancestor's descendants. It is thus a clade, a group consisting of a species and all its descendents.

The name was given by Willi Hennig, the formulator of phylogenetic systematics, as a way of classifying living organisms relative to extinct ones. Though formulated in the 1970s, the term was not commonly used until its reintroduction in the 2000s by Graham Budd and Sören Jensen.

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... As originally proposed by Karl-Ernst Lauterbach, stem-groups should be given the prefix "stem" (i.e ... Stem-Aves, Stem-Arthropoda), however the crown group should have no prefix ... The latter has not been universally accepted for known groups ...
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... In one of the earliest phylogenetic analyses of the group, Gardiner (1983) recognized five characteristics that made Temnospondyli a clade a bone at the back of the skull, the parasphenoid, is connected to another ... Depending on the classification of modern amphibians, they are either included in the crown group Tetrapoda or the stem of Tetrapoda ... Crown-group tetrapods are descendants of the most recent common ancestor of all living tetrapods and stem tetrapods are forms that are outside the crown group ...

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