Cross Section

Cross section may refer to:

  • Cross section (geometry), the intersection of a 3-dimensional body with a plane
  • Cross-sectional views in architecture & engineering
  • Radar cross section, the unit of measure of how detectable an object is with a radar
  • Cross section (physics), the likelihood of an interaction event between two particles
    • Absorption cross section
    • Neutron cross section
    • Nuclear cross section
    • Photoionisation cross section
    • Scattering cross section
  • Section (fiber bundle), in differential and algebraic geometry and topology, a section of a fiber bundle or sheaf
  • Cross-sectional data, a type of one-dimensional data set in statistics and econometrics
  • Stratigraphy, the study of geological cross-sections
    • Core sample
    • Thin section
  • Cross section (biology), a sample such as that created by a microtome

Other articles related to "cross section, section, cross":

Multiview Orthographic Projection - Views - Section
... See also Cross section (geometry) A section, or cross-section, is a view of a 3-dimensional object from the position of a plane through the object ... A cross section is a common method of depicting the internal arrangement of a 3-dimensional object in two dimensions ... The style of crosshatching indicates the type of material the section passes through ...
Ansaldo SVA
... fuselage had the typical Ansaldo triangular rear cross-section behind the cockpit, transitioning to a rectangular cross section going forwards through ...
Toroidal Inductors And Transformers - Total B Field Confinement By Toroidal Inductors - Toroidal Transformer Poynting Vector Coupling From Primary To Secondary in The Presence of Total B F - Explanation of The Figure
... This figure shows the half section of a toroidal transformer ... is not shown, but the current in the winding at the cross section surface is shown as gold (or orange) ellipses ... Blue dots on the left hand cross section indicate that lines of B flux in the core come out of the left hand cross section ...
Plastic Section Modulus
... The Plastic section modulus is used for materials where (irreversible) plastic behaviour is dominant ... The plastic section modulus depends on the location of the plastic neutral axis (PNA) ... The PNA is defined as the axis that splits the cross section such that the compression force from the area in compression equals the tension force from the ...

Famous quotes containing the words section and/or cross:

    Personally I think we’re over-specialized. Why it’s getting so we have experts who concentrate only on the lower section of a specimen’s left ear.
    Martin Berkeley, and Jack Arnold. Prof. Clete Ferguson (John Agar)

    Expecting me to grovel,
    she carefully covers both feet
    with the hem of her skirt.
    She pretends to hide
    a coming smile
    and won’t look straight at me.
    When I talk to her,
    she chats with her friend
    in cross tones.
    Even this slim girl’s rising anger
    delights me,
    let alone her deep love.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)