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Second Partial Derivative Test - The Test - Functions of Many Variables
... of the Hessian matrix, one must look at the eigenvalues of the Hessian matrix at the critical point ... The following test can be applied at any critical point (a, b...) for which the Hessian matrix is invertible If the Hessian is positive definite (equivalently, has all ... and negative eigenvalues then (a, b...) is a saddle point for f (and in fact this is true even if (a, b...) is degenerate) ...
Complex Quadratic Polynomial - Critical Items - Critical Point
... A critical point of is a point in the dynamical plane such that the derivative vanishes Since implies we see that the only (finite) critical point of is the point ... is an initial point for Mandelbrot set iteration ...
The Most Important Critical Exponents
... Let us consider the disordered phase ( > 0), ordered phase ( < 0 ) and critical temperature ( = 0) phases separately ... Following the standard convention, the critical exponents related to the ordered phase are primed ... for the liquid-gas critical point, magnetization for the Curie point,etc.) specific free energy specific heat source field (e.g ...
Misiurewicz Point
... A Misiurewicz point is a parameter in the Mandelbrot set (the parameter space of quadratic polynomials) for which the critical point is strictly preperiodic (i.e ... By analogy, the term Misiurewicz point is also used for parameters in a Multibrot set where the unique critical point is strictly preperiodic ... term makes less sense for maps in greater generality that have more than one (free) critical point because some critical points might be periodic and others not.) ...
Ski Jumping Hill - Structure
... the landing slope, and the rules allow jumpers to land up to ten percent past the construction point ... In 2004, the International Ski Federation replaced the calculation point as the measurement of the size of a hill with hill size ... line to the knoll and then along the level of the landing slope to the hill size point ...

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    I would rather produce my passions than brood over them at my expense; they grow languid when they have vent and expression. It is better that their point should operate outwardly than be turned against us.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    I know that I will always be expected to have extra insight into black texts—especially texts by black women. A working-class Jewish woman from Brooklyn could become an expert on Shakespeare or Baudelaire, my students seemed to believe, if she mastered the language, the texts, and the critical literature. But they would not grant that a middle-class white man could ever be a trusted authority on Toni Morrison.
    Claire Oberon Garcia, African American scholar and educator. Chronicle of Higher Education, p. B2 (July 27, 1994)