Creophilus Maxillosus - Control


The hairy rove beetle is considered beneficial in the environment because it is a successful scavenger and predator. However, infestation of houses has been reported by this beetle. A reason why C. maxillosus infests houses is not known for certain, but a study of rearing this beetle in the laboratory has shown that adults like to lay eggs in fresh sand and not sand that is old or contaminated. To solve the problem of infestation certain pesticides have been found to affect the adults and larvae of this beetle and can be used to control their numbers. Atroban, a chemical pesticide composed of permethrin (0.05%), decreases the number of adults and larvae of the family Staphylinidae. Short term reductions of this family were caused by a chemical named demethoate (0.05%). Both of these pesticides were tested on moist spots on poultry dung.

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