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Credit Rating Agency - Uses of Ratings - Ratings Use By Government Regulators
... Further information Nationally recognized statistical rating organization Regulators use credit ratings as well, or permit ratings to be used for regulatory purposes ... regulators can allow banks to use credit ratings from certain approved CRAs (called "ECAIs", or "External Credit Assessment Institutions") when calculating their net capital reserve requirements ... Commission (SEC) permits investment banks and broker-dealers to use credit ratings from "Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations" (NRSRO) for similar purposes ...
Land Bank Of Taiwan - Credit Ratings
... Standard Poor’s, MAY 2009 ... A-, Outlook Stable. ...
Subprime Mortgage Crisis - Causes - Inaccurate Credit Ratings
... Credit rating agencies are now under scrutiny for having given investment-grade ratings to MBSs based on risky subprime mortgage loans ... These high ratings enabled these MBSs to be sold to investors, thereby financing the housing boom ... These ratings were believed justified because of risk reducing practices, such as credit default insurance and equity investors willing to bear the first losses ...

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