• (noun): Someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp.
    Synonyms: counselor
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Marriage Guidance Counsellor
... The Marriage Guidance Counsellor sketch is from the second Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, "Sex and Violence", first broadcast late on Sunday, 12 ... couple (Arthur and Deirdre Pewtey) and Eric Idle as their marriage counsellor ... The marriage guidance counsellor flirts with a receptive Mrs Pewtey rather than giving the couple advice, and Mr Pewtey fails to react to this behaviour and stand up for ...
Johannes Siberg - Early Career
... Meanwhile, in 1782 he became Counsellor-extraordinary (buitengewoon Raad) in the Dutch Council of the Indies ... In 1791, he was appointed full Counsellor of the Indies (Raad van Indië) in 1793 he was First Counsellor and Director-General (Eerste Raad en Directeur-Generaal) ...
Co-Counselling International - Practice
... The counsellor only intervenes in accordance with one of three levels of “contract” - free attention, normal and intensive – which are defined in CCI's principles ... The only requirement of the counsellor is that they give “free attention” - that is full supportive attention – to the client ... The other two contracts constitute invitations to the counsellor to make interventions from within those permitted if they feel it is appropriate ...
Prunella Gee - Private Life and Later Career
... Since 2006 she has worked as a counsellor and therapist in Camden, London ... In April 2013, in her capacity as a counsellor, Gee was interviewed on Jo Good's BBC London 94.9 radio show, talking about addiction ... up acting because she had started her training as a counsellor whilst she was by then playing "mums and grannies" ...
Council Of Government
... chairs the council, and the five members (four counsellors and one delegate), he also has voting rights, and has control of both policing and military control ... counsellor for internal affairs, counsellor for finance and economy, counsellor for equipment, environment and urban planning, counsellor for social affairs and health, counsellor ...

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  • (noun): Some who gives advice about problems.
    Synonyms: counselor