Costal may refer to:

  • an adjective related to the rib (Costa in Latin) in anatomy
    • Costal cartilage, a type of cartilage forming bars which serve to prolong the ribs forward
    • Costal facet (disambiguation)
    • Costal margin, the medial margin formed by the false ribs
    • Costal surface (disambiguation)
    • Costal groove, a groove between the ridge of the internal surface of the rib
  • Costal vein, a type of insect wing segment in the Comstock-Needham system

Other articles related to "costal":

Costal Surface Of Lung
... The costal surface of the lung (external or thoracic surface) is smooth, convex, of considerable extent, and corresponds to the form of the cavity of the chest, being deeper behind than in front ... It is in contact with the costal pleura, and presents, in specimens which have been hardened in situ, slight grooves corresponding with the overlying ribs ...
Costal Surface
... Costal surface (referring to the side near the ribs) can refer to costal surface of lung costal surface of scapula ...
Costochondral Joint
... the articulations between the ribs and costal cartilage ... Each rib has a depression shaped like a cup that the costal cartilage articulates with ... Joints between costal cartilages of ribs 6-9 are plane synovial joints ...
Human Sternum - Overview - Structure - Articulations
... The superior seven costal cartilages articulate with the sternum forming the costal margin anteriorly ... The costal cartilage of the second rib articulates with the sternum at the sternal angle making it easy to locate ... Its inferior attachment is the internal surface of costal cartilages two through six and works to depress the ribs ...