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Yield Spread Premium
... A yield spread premium (YSP) is the money or rebate paid to a mortgage broker for giving a borrower a higher interest rate on a loan in exchange for lower up front costs, generally paid in Origination fees ... This “may wipe out or offset other loan costs, like Loan Level Pricing Adjustments (instituted by FNMA).” The YSP is derived through the realization of a market 'price' for a loan that is above 100% ... attached, the credit score of the borrower, purchase money versus a cash-out refinance, or a streamline refinance (which lowers the price because it is typically not accompanied by a ...
Education In The United States - Funding - Funding For K–12 Schools
... voucher program to be eliminated, and that the public schools needed more money ... Kansas City, Missouri, a judge ordered the school district to raise taxes and spend more money on public education ... much, that the school district was spending more money per student than any of the country's other 280 largest school districts with a charge to "drea ...
Comparison Of Linux Distributions - Cost
... The following distributions are available for free (without cost) aLinux Alpine Linux ALT Linux Annvix Arch Linux Asianux BackTrack BLAG Linux and GNU Bodhi Linux Caixa Mágica CentOS ... The following distributions cost money Novell Open Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Rxart, SUSE Linux Enterprise, The following distribution had at least one version that used to cost money ...

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    The secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power’s sake ... but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy. It is the instinct which drove America to the Pacific, all through the nineteenth century, the desire to be able to find a restaurant open in case you want a sandwich, to be a free agent, live by one’s own rules.
    Joan Didion (b. 1934)

    Each is under the most sacred obligation not to squander the material committed to him, not to sap his strength in folly and vice, and to see at the least that he delivers a product worthy the labor and cost which have been expended on him.
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)