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Energy Performance Certificate - Domestic EPCs - EPC Recommendations
... The EU directive requires the EPC recommendations to be cost effective in improving the energy efficiency of the home, but in addition to presenting the most cost effective options, more expensive options which are ... To distinguish them from the more cost effective measures, these are shown in a section described as 'further measures' ...
Politics Of Global Warming
... Developing countries do not have cost effective access to the advanced energy technologies that they need for development (most advanced technologies has been developed by and exist in ... Without adequate and cost effective post-hydrocarbon energy sources, it is unlikely the countries of the developed or developing world would accept ... Without access to cost effective and abundant energy sources many developing countries see climate change as a hindrance to their unfettered economic development ...
Sexual Effects Of Circumcision - Society and Culture - Economic Considerations
... The cost-effectiveness of circumcision has been studied to determine whether a policy of circumcising all newborns or a policy of promoting and providing inexpensive or free access to circumcision for all adult men who ... significant effort has been spent studying the cost-effectiveness of circumcision to reduce its spread in parts of Africa that have a relatively high infection rate and low circumcision prevalence ... Several analyses have concluded that circumcision programs for adult men in Africa are cost-effective and in some cases are cost-saving ...
Health In The United States - Payment - Private
... Costs for employer-paid health insurance are rising rapidly since 2001, premiums for family coverage have increased 78%, while wages have risen 19% and inflation has risen 17%, according to a 2007 study ... Insurance payments are a form of cost-sharing and risk management where each individual or their employer pays predictable monthly premiums ... This cost-spreading mechanism often picks up much of the cost of health care, but individuals must often pay up-front a minimum part of the total cost (a ...
Circumcision And HIV - Estimated Impact of Circumcision Programs
... HIV burden in a population, stating that reduction was more effective when circumcision was combined with anti-retroviral drugs than with condoms ... Studies of the cost-effectiveness of circumcision programmes have been similarly mixed ... HIV prevalence, reporting that adult circumcision is "likely to be a cost-effective HIV prevention strategy" even when deployed among only a small fraction of the population ...

Famous quotes containing the words effective and/or cost:

    [Madness] is the jail we could all end up in. And we know it. And watch our step. For a lifetime. We behave. A fantastic and entire system of social control, by the threat of example as effective over the general population as detention centers in dictatorships, the image of the madhouse floats through every mind for the course of its lifetime.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    The true reformer does not want time, nor money, nor coöperation, nor advice. What is time but the stuff delay is made of? And depend upon it, our virtue will not live on the interest of our money. He expects no income, but outgoes; so soon as we begin to count the cost, the cost begins. And as for advice, the information floating in the atmosphere of society is as evanescent and unserviceable to him as gossamer for clubs of Hercules.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)