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Logogram - Chinese Characters - Differences in Processing of Logographic and Phonologic Languages
... lexical-syntactical level must also be accessed in order to choose the correct pronunciation ... is necessary before the stimulus can be disambiguated, and the correct pronunciation can be chosen ... of the character, and the subsequent selection of the correct pronunciation, leading to shorter reaction times when attending to the stimulus ...
... Orthoepy means the doctrine of correct pronunciation within a specific oral tradition ... The term is from the Greek ὀρθοέπεια, from ὀρθός orthos "correct" and ἔπος epos "speech." The antonym is cacoepy "bad or wrong pronunciation" ... The pronunciation of the word orthoepy itself varies widely the OED recognizes the variants /ˈɔːθəʊˌiːpi/, /ˈɔːθəʊˌɛpi/, /ˈɔːθəʊɨpi ...
Arabic Diacritics - Tashkil (marks Used As Phonetic Guides)
... As the normal Arabic text does not provide enough information about the correct pronunciation, the main purpose of taškīl (and ḥarakāt) is to provide a phonetic guide or a phonetic aid i.e ... show the correct pronunciation ... However, they are commonly used in some religious texts that demand strict adherence to pronunciation rules such as Qur'an ⟨الْقُرْآن⟩ (al-qurʾān) ...

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