Corneliu Vadim Tudor

Corneliu Vadim Tudor (; born November 28, 1949 in Bucharest) is leader of the Greater Romania Party (Partidul România Mare), writer, journalist and a Member of the European Parliament. He was a Romanian Senator from 1992 to 2008.

A controversial, essentially populist, political figure, he is known for his strongly nationalist and xenophobic views, the theatrics of which often accompany his rhetoric, and his reliance on the denunications of political opponents (so far, a tactic which several civil lawsuits have ruled slanderous). He is most commonly referred to as "Vadim", many times understood as a family name (although it is clearly not shared with his relatively well-known brother, former Army officer and fellow Party member Marcu Tudor).

A disciple of the writer Eugen Barbu (who was an unofficial trusted advisor to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceau┼čescu), Tudor was energetic in his praise (in both prose and poetry) of the longtime communist dictator prior to Romania's 1989 revolution.

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