Core Asparagales

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Phylogeny - Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu Lato + 'core Asparagales'
... in the tree (Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu lato + the 'core Asparagales') has strong support ... The 'core Asparagales', comprising Amaryllidaceae sensu lato and Asparagaceae sensu lato, are a strongly supported clade, as are clades for each of the families ...
Asparagales - Phylogeny
... system of 1985 onwards, studies based mainly on morphology had identified the Asparagales as a distinct group, but had also included groups now located in Liliales ... Research in the 21st century has supported the monophyly of Asparagales, based on morphology, 18S rDNA, and other DNA sequences, although some phylogenetic ... Within the monocots, Asparagales is the sister of the commelinid clade ...

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