Copyright Act

Copyright Act may refer to:


  • Copyright Act of Canada

Hong Kong

  • Copyright Ordinance 1997


  • Indian Copyright Act,1957

New Zealand

  • Copyright Act 1994

United Kingdom

  • Statute of Anne or Copyright Act 1709, the first copyright act of the United Kingdom
  • Copyright Act 1842
  • Copyright Act 1956 (4 & 5 Eliz.2 c.52)
  • Copyright Act 1911
  • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, current copyright law of the United Kingdom

United States

  • Copyright Act of 1790
  • Copyright Act of 1909
  • Copyright Act of 1976
  • International Copyright Act of 1891, a U.S. copyright act

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Copyright Act 1911 - Imperial Copyright Act
... of provisions that were expressly restricted to the United Kingdom by the act, all provisions of the Copyright Act 1911 applied "throughout His Majesty's dominions" and self-governing dominions if enacted by ... The Copyright Act 1911 was adapted to circumstances and enacted by the then self-governing dominions of Australia (Copyright Act 1912), Newfoundland (Newfoundland ... The Copyright Act 1911 also provided that the UK Secretary of State could certify copyright laws passed in any self-governing dominion if the copyright legislation was “substantially identical” to those of ...
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Copyright Act 1911
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