Conversion of Kartli (chronicle)

Conversion Of Kartli (chronicle)

The Conversion of Kartli (Georgian: მოქცევაჲ ქართლისაჲ, transliterated as mok’ts’evay k’art’lisay) is the earliest surviving medieval Georgian historical compendium, independent from The Georgian Chronicles, the major corpus historicum of medieval Georgia. Written in the 7th and 9th centuries, this chronicle follows the history of Kartli (a core Georgian region known to the Classical authors as Iberia; sometimes archaically referred to all of Georgia) from the earliest times to the 7th century, making a particular focus on Christianization of Georgians by Saint Nino early in the 4th century.

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... The Conversionof Kartliconsists of two major components ... The first one is conventionally known as The Chronicle(ქრონიკა, k’ronika), a brief history of Kartlifrom the mythic expedition by Alexander the ... Its core text, The Conversionof Kartli from which the corpus derives its title, relates the story of proselytizing mission by St ...

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