Conversion (law) - Property Subject To Conversion

Property Subject To Conversion

In order for a conversion to occur, it used to need to be lost then found by some other person than the owner. In the process, it was a possible that the property could be converted. Chattels converted have included a dog, money and tax receipts. Land could not be the subject of an action in trover, since it could not be lost, then found and converted. The same was true for sand and gravel, timber, crops and fixtures, so long as they were considered as a part of the land. No action in trover could be had. Once there was severance from the land, these became personal property, and trover could be entertained because of removal from the land.

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... The general rule is that an action for conversion lies only with respect to personal property, and cannot apply to real estate ... The fact that personal property is annexed to realty after its conversion usually does not prevent the maintenance of an action for the conversion, although ... Actions for conversion of a building, machinery attached to a building or a grain elevator have been allowed ...

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