Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency or Convergence Disorder is a sensory and neuromuscular anomaly of the binocular vision system, characterized by an inability of the eyes to turn towards each other, or sustain convergence.

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Convergence Insufficiency - Prevalence
... receiving optometric eye examinations had convergence insufficiency and a Spanish study found that nearly 1 in 100 (0.8%) of symptomatic patients in an optometric clinic had CI ... blurred vision at near work suffered from convergence insufficiency ...
Vision Therapy - Eye Exercises
... Some of the exercises used are Near point of convergence training, or the ability for both eyes to focus on a single point in space, Base-out prism reading, stereogram cards ... Fusional Amplitude training Designed to alleviate convergence insufficiency ... The CITT study (Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial) was is a randomized, double blind multi-centre trial (high level of reliability) indicates ...