Contracting Parties

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Dispute Board
... three independent and impartial persons selected by the contracting parties ... and thereby can influence, during the contract period, the performance of the contracting parties ... early in the evolution of any dispute which cannot be resolved by the parties and be asked to publish decisions or recommendations on how the matters in issue should be settled ...
Belgian Linguistic Case (No 2) - Judgment
... The Court will address itself first to Article 2 of the Protocol because the Contracting States made express provision with reference to the right to education in this ... The negative formulation indicates, as is confirmed by the preparatory work, that the Contracting Parties do not recognise such a right to education as would require them to establish at ... the Convention, to everyone within the jurisdiction of a Contracting State ...
Indo-Bangladeshi Treaty Of Friendship, Cooperation And Peace - Provisions
... i) The contracting parties solemnly declare that there shall be lasting peace and friendship between the two countries and each side shall respect the ... Each of the parties shall refrain from any aggression against the other party and shall not allow the use of its territory for committing any act that may cause military damage to or continue to threat to the ... In case if either party is attacked or threatened to attack, the contracting parties shall immediately enter into mutual consultations in order to take necessary measures to eliminate the threat ...
Paris Convention For The Protection Of Industrial Property - Contracting Parties
... As of December 2011, the Convention has 174 contracting member countries, which makes it one of the most widely adopted treaties worldwide ... Notably, Taiwan, Burma and Kuwait are not parties to the Convention ... Act, Taiwan recognizes priority claims from contracting members ...
World Forum For Harmonization Of Vehicle Regulations - 1998 Agreement
... The 1998 Agreement stipulates that Contracting Parties will establish, by consensus vote, United Nations Global Technical Regulations (UN GTRs) in a UN Global Registry ... The Contracting Parties use their nationally established rulemaking processes when transposing UN GTRs into their national legislation ... The 1998 Agreement currently has 33 Contracting Parties and 11 UN GTRs that have been established into the UN Global Registry ...

Famous quotes containing the words parties and/or contracting:

    Things must be done by parties, not by persons using parties as tools.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)

    When I hear the hypercritical quarreling about grammar and style, the position of the particles, etc., etc., stretching or contracting every speaker to certain rules of theirs ... I see that they forget that the first requisite and rule is that expression shall be vital and natural, as much as the voice of a brute or an interjection: first of all, mother tongue; and last of all, artificial or father tongue. Essentially your truest poetic sentence is as free and lawless as a lamb’s bleat.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)