Continuous Wave

A continuous wave or continuous waveform (CW) is an electromagnetic wave of constant amplitude and frequency; and in mathematical analysis, of infinite duration. Continuous wave is also the name given to an early method of radio transmission, in which a carrier wave is switched on and off. Information is carried in the varying duration of the on and off periods of the signal, for example by Morse code in early radio. In early wireless telegraphy radio transmission, CW waves were also known as "undamped waves", to distinguish this method from damped wave transmission.

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... The technology is available in three varieties - positive pulse, negative pulse, and continuous wave ... Continuous Wave Continuous wave tools gradually close and open the valve to generate sinusoidal pressure fluctuations within the drilling fluid ... Any digital modulation scheme with a continuous phase can be used to impose the information on a carrier signal ...
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... The next advance was continuous wave telegraphy, or CW (Continuous Wave), in which a pure radio frequency, produced by a vacuum tube electronic oscillator was switched on and off by a key ... Strictly, on-off keying of a carrier should be known as "Interrupted Continuous Wave" or ICW or on-off keying (OOK) ... Radioteletype equipment usually operates on short-wave (HF) and is much loved by the military because they create written information without a skilled operator ...
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... In laser physics and engineering, "continuous wave" or "CW" refers to a laser that produces a continuous output beam, sometimes referred to as "free-running," as opposed to a q-switched, gain-switched or ...
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... Frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar (FM-CW) is a short range measuring radar set capable of determining distance ... In this system the transmitted signal of a known stable frequency continuous wave varies up and down in frequency over a fixed period of time by a modulating signal ... frequency can slew up and down as follows Sine wave, like air raid siren Sawtooth wave, like the chirp from a bird Triangle wave, like police siren in the United States Square wave, like ...
... receiver circuit meant that the newly produced CW or continuous wave transmissions could be aurally decoded ... Previously only spark, ICW (Interrupted Continuous Wave) signals which were produced by a motor chopping or turning the signal quickly on and off at an audio rate, or ... When the autodyne oscillator was advanced to self-oscillation, continuous wave Morse code dots and dashes would be clearly heard as a series of beeps, instead of an all but impossible to decode series ...

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