Continental Rise

The continental rise is an underwater feature found between the continental slope and the abyssal plain. This feature can be found all around the world, and it represents the final stage in the boundary between continents and the deepest part of the ocean. The environment in the continental rise is quite unique, and many oceanographers study it extensively in the hopes of learning more about the ocean and geologic history.

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Continental Rise
... At the bottom of the continental slope, one will find the continental rise, an underwater hill composed of tons of accumulated sediments.The general slope of the ... Beyond the continental rise stretches the abyssal plain, an extremely flat area of the sea floor which is also incredibly deep ... Abyssal plain Atoll Bathymetric chart Cold seep Continental margin Continental rise Continental shelf Contourite Hydrography Guyot Oceanic basin Oceanic plateau ...
Continental Shelf
... The continental shelf is the extended perimeter of each continent and associated coastal plain ... The continental margin, between the continental shelf and the abyssal plain, comprises a steep continental slope followed by the flatter continental rise ... and accumulates as a pile of sediment at the base of the slope, called the continental rise ...

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