• (adj): Eaten or drunk up.
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Cretan Cuisine
... In general, people consumed seasonal products, available in the wider local area, which underwent minimal processing or none at all ... whose cultivation was favored by the regional climate, were consumed in great amounts and constituted the base of the Cretan cuisine during that period ... Dairy products were consumed on a daily basis in low to moderate quantities ...
Liquor License - United States - Texas
... include BG Permit Authorizes a restaurant or bar to sell beer and wine that can be consumed on and off site ... restaurant or bar to sell beer, wine, mixed drinks and other hard liquors only to be consumed on site ... Q Permit Authorizes a retailer to sell wine which may be consumed off the premises of the store ...
Snakey - Interactions With Humans - Consumption
... Snake soup of Cantonese cuisine is consumed by local people in autumn, to warm up their body ... Cooked rattlesnake meat is an exception, which is commonly consumed in parts of the Midwestern United States ... The drink was first recorded to have been consumed in China during the Western Zhou dynasty and considered an important curative and believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine ...
The Shangri-La Diet - About The Diet
... This must be consumed in a flavorless window, which is at least one hour after flavors have been consumed, and at least one hour before flavors will be ...
Medieval Cuisine - Drink
... Wine was consumed on a daily basis in most of France and all over the Western Mediterranean wherever grapes were cultivated ... for any time, and so, it was mostly consumed fresh (there are, however, references to the use of hops in beer as early as 822 CE) ... Quantities of beer consumed by medieval residents of Europe, as recorded in contemporary literature, far exceed intakes in the modern world ...

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    If you teach a poor young man to shave himself, and keep his razor in order, you may contribute more to the happiness of his life than in giving him a thousand guineas. This sum may be soon spent, the regret only remaining of having foolishly consumed it; but in the other case, he escapes the frequent vexation of waiting for barbers, and of their sometimes dirty fingers, offensive breaths, and dull razors.
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)

    A taxidermist stuffed a bear with such brio that he cried aloud “I love it!” A passing goddess, imperfectly understanding, but wishing to be responsive, kindly brought the beast to life. It consumed the artisan forthwith. Moral: Say what you mean.
    Stan Washburn (b. 1943)

    The manner in which Americans “consume” music has a lot to do with leaving it on their coffee tables, or using it as wallpaper for their lifestyles, like the score of a movie—it’s consumed that way without any regard for how and why it’s made.
    Frank Zappa (1940–1994)