Consultation may refer to:

  • Public consultation, a process by which the public's input on matters affecting them is sought
  • Consultation (Texas), the 1835 Texas meeting of colonists on a proposed rebellion against the Republic of Mexico
  • Consultation (doctor), a formal meeting with a medical doctor for discussion or the seeking of advice
  • Consultation (media), the relationship between a media services provider and media services consumer
  • Consultation (object-oriented programming)
  • An event similar to a symposium

Other articles related to "consultation":

Health Care In France - Health Care System - Fees and Reimbursements
... Act Fee % reimbursed Patient charge Generalist consultation 23 € 70% 6,60 € Specialist consultation 25 € 70% 7,50 € Psychiatrist consultation 37 ...
British Labour Law - Workplace Participation - Information and Consultation
... Information and consultation sources Companies Act 2006 ss 172 and 419 TULRCA 1992 ss 181-182 R (BTP Tioxide Ltd) v CAC ICR 843 Transnational Works Council ... Consultation can sometimes encourage a change in employers' policy, even if employees' views are ultimately often ignored ... Under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004, companies with more than fifty employees must inform their workforce about major ...
Acts Of Parliament In The United Kingdom - Stages of A Bill - Consultation, Drafting and Pre-legislative Scrutiny
... Although not strictly part of the legislative process, a period of consultation will take place before a bill is drafted ... The Cabinet Office Code of Practice specifies a minimum consultation period of twelve weeks ... Consultation documents are widely circulated (see for example the Home Office consultation on extreme pornography and the Scottish Government's consultation on food policy) ...

Famous quotes containing the word consultation:

    To divide one’s life by years is of course to tumble into a trap set by our own arithmetic. The calendar consents to carry on its dull wall-existence by the arbitrary timetables we have drawn up in consultation with those permanent commuters, Earth and Sun. But we, unlike trees, need grow no annual rings.
    Clifton Fadiman (b. 1904)

    This is a Senate of equals, of men of individual honor and personal character, and of absolute independence. We know no masters, we acknowledge no dictators. This is a hall for mutual consultation and discussion; not an arena for the exhibition of champions.
    Daniel Webster (1782–1852)