Conjunctive Queries

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Conjunctive Query - Extensions of Conjunctive Queries
... Extensions of conjunctive queries capturing more expressive power include unions of conjunctive queries, which are equivalent to positive (i.e ... negation-free) relational algebra, conjunctive queries extended by union and negation, which by Codd's theorem correspond to relational algebra and first-order logic, conjunctive queries with built-in predicates and ...
Conjunctive Query - Formal Properties of Conjunctive Queries
... Conjunctive queries are one of the great success stories of database theory in that many interesting problems that are computationally hard or undecidable for larger classes of queries are ... Given two queries and and a database schema, the query containment problem is the problem of deciding whether for all possible database instances over the input database schema ... is in query optimization Deciding whether two queries are equivalent is possible by simply checking mutual containment ...
Conjunctive Query
... In database theory, a conjunctive query is a restricted form of first-order queries ... A large part of queries issued on relational databases can be written as conjunctive queries, and large parts of other first-order queries can be written as conjunctive queries ... Conjunctive queries also have a number of desirable theoretical properties that larger classes of queries (e.g ...

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