Configuration Space

Configuration Space

In classical mechanics, the parameters that define the configuration of a system are called generalized coordinates, and the vector space defined by these coordinates is called the configuration space of the physical system. It is often the case that these parameters satisfy mathematical constraints, which means that the set of actual configurations of the system is a manifold in the space of generalized coordinates. This manifold is called the configuration manifold of the system.

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Bohmian - The Theory - The Ontology
... The ontology of de Broglie-Bohm theory consists of a configuration of the universe and a pilot wave ... The configuration space can be chosen differently, as in classical mechanics and standard quantum mechanics ... So, at every moment of time there exists not only a wave function, but also a well-defined configuration of the whole universe ...
Motion Planning - Concepts - Configuration Space
... A configuration describes the pose of the robot, and the configuration space C is the set of all possible configurations ... in a 2-dimensional plane (the workspace), C is a plane, and a configuration can be represented using two parameters (x, y) ... R2 SO(2) (where SO(2) is the special orthogonal group of 2D rotations), and a configuration can be represented using 3 parameters (x, y, θ) ...
Boustrophedon Cell Decomposition
... boustrophedon cell decomposition (BCD) is a method used in artificial intelligence and robotics for configuration space solutions ... Like other cellular decomposition methods, this method transforms the configuration space into cell regions that can be used for path planning ... more diverse, non-polygonal obstacles within a configuration space ...
Configuration Spaces in Mathematics
... In mathematics a configuration space refers to a broad family of constructions closely related to the state space notion in physics ... The most common notion of configuration space in mathematics is the set of n-element subsets of a topological space ... Typically, is called the configuration space of n unordered points in and is called the configuration space of n ordered or coloured points in the space of n ordered not necessarily distinct points is ...
Motion Planning - Algorithms - Grid-Based Search
... Grid-based approaches overlay a grid on configuration space, and assume each configuration is identified with a grid point ... Furthermore, the number of points on the grid grows exponentially in the configuration space dimension, which make them inappropriate for high-dimensional problems ... for example, when the knowledge of the robot about the configuration space changes or the configuration space itself changes during path following ...

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