Conference of Presidents of The European Parliament

Conference Of Presidents Of The European Parliament

In the European Union, the Conference of Presidents is a governing body of the European Parliament. The body is responsible for the organisation of Parliament, its administrative matters and agenda.

The Conference consists of the President of Parliament, the chairmen of the political groups (who may arrange to be represented by a member of their group) and a representative of the Non-Inscrits (independent members). The Conference of Presidents meets approximately twice a month.

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Conference Of Presidents Of The European Parliament - Rules of Procedure
... “ Rule 24 Duties of the Conference of Presidents The Conference of Presidents shall carry out the duties assigned to it under the Rules of Procedure ... The Conference of Presidents shall take decisions on the organisation of Parliament's work and matters relating to legislative planning ... The Conference of Presidents shall be the authority responsible for matters relating to relations with the other institutions and bodies of the European Union and with the national parliaments of Member States ...

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