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Pandava - Conch Shells - Others
... family tree Shantanu--his son--Bhishma, he had more than 10 brothers----all died----one of them had two sons---Pandu and Dhratarashta---Dhratarshta was blind, he also had 100 sons known as Kaurava's and Pandu had 5 religious sons Pandava's----they also had five sons at the beginning, who were assassinated by Ashwatama----Abhimanyu was Arjuna's son and Ghatothcacha who was Bheem's son...they killed during the battle--Parikshit was Abhimayu's son. ...
Conch - Other Uses
... Conch shells are sometimes used as decoration, as decorative planters, and in cameo making ... Some American Aboriginals used cylindrical conch columella beads as part of breastplates and other personal adornment ... In some Caribbean and African American cemeteries, conch shells are placed on graves ...
Jaws (video Game) - Gameplay
... crabs (increases movement speed of the diver), stars (bonus points), and conch shells which are used as currency in this game ... the loss of the tracking device, the loss of half of the conch shells accumulated to that point, and complete health replenishment for Jaws ... The player is rewarded the number of conch shells equivalent to the number of jellyfish killed divided by three, rounded down ...

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    they know me,
    they help me unravel,
    they listen with ears made of conch shells,
    they speak back with the wine of the best region.
    They are my staff.
    They comfort me.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)