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Universal Character Set Characters - Divisions of UCS - By Type
... UCS may also be divided according to the types of characters script, symbol, diacritical, punctuation and so on ... The UCS devotes several blocks (over 300 characters) to characters for the International Phonetic Alphabet ... By providing accents that can combine with any letter character, the Unicode and the UCS reduce significantly the number of characters needed ...
Unicode Compatibility Characters - Compatibility Character Types and Keywords
... The compatibility decomposition property for the 5,402 Unicode compatibility characters includes a keyword that divides the compatibility characters into 17 ... Those characters with a compatibility decomposition but without a keyword are termed canonical decomposable characters and those characters are not compatibility characters ... Keywords for compatibility decomposable characters include , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and ...
Unicode Compatibility Characters - Compatibility Mappings Types - Glyph Substitution and Composition
... Some compatibility characters are completely dispensable for text processing and display software that conforms to the Unicode standard ... script were often encoded as a separate character in legacy character sets ... can substitute the proper glyphs for the same character depending on whether that character appears at the beginning, end, middle of a word or in isolation ...

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