Comparison of Linux Distributions - General


Basic general information about the distributions: creator or producer, release date, latest version, and such.

Distribution Creator Producer First public release Base distribution Latest release date Purpose Cost
64 Studio Daniel James and Free Ekanayaka 64 Studio Ltd. 2005 Debian 2008 multimedia Free
Alinex Alinex Team and University of Évora Alinex Team and University of Évora 2005 Debian, Ubuntu 2008 general Free
aLinux Jay Klepacs Jay Klepacs 2001 Red Hat Linux 2010 desktop Free
Alpine Linux Alpine Linux Team Alpine Linux Team 2006 none 2011 network Free
ALT Linux ALT Linux Team ALT Linux Team, ALT Linux LLC 2001 Mandriva Linux 2011 general, school ?
Annvix Vincent Danen Vincent Danen 2003 Mandriva Linux 2007 server Free
antiX Anticapitalista Anticapitalista ? Debian - MEPIS 2011 old computers Free
ArchBang Stan McLaren 2010 Arch Linux 2012, rolling general Free
Arch Linux Judd Vinet dev team 2002 none 2012, rolling general Free
Asianux Red Flag Linux, Miracle Linux, Haansoft Linux dev team 2004 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 2007 server, workstation ?
BackTrack Max Moser, Mati Aharoni, Martin J. Muench Remote-Exploit 2006 Debian 2012 auditing, forensic, security, network Free
BLAG Linux and GNU Brixton Linux Action Group Brixton Linux Action Group 2002 Fedora 2011 desktop Free
Bharat Operating System Solutions Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) C-DAC 2007 Debian 2011 general, server, education, netbooks, live Free
Bodhi Linux Bodhi Linux Team Bodhi Linux Team 2011 Debian, Ubuntu 2012 desktop Free
Caixa Mágica Daniel Neves, José Guimarães, Paulo Trezentos Caixa Mágica Software 2000 Debian 2012 general Free
CentOS CentOS Project CentOS Project 2003 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 2012 server, workstation Free
Google Chrome OS Google Google 2009 Debian 2011, rolling netbooks ?
ClearOS Peter Baldwin ClearFoundation 2000 RHEL, CentOS 2010 server, gateway, network Free
CrunchBang Linux Philip Newborough Philip Newborough 2008 Debian 2011 desktop Free
CRUX Per Liden CRUX Linux community 2001 none 2012 general Free
Damn Small Linux John Andrews dev team 2003 Debian, Knoppix 2008 portable, lightweight Free
Debian Ian Murdock Debian Project 1993 none 2012 general Free
DeLi Linux Henry Jensen Henry Jensen 2002 none 2008 desktop Free
dyne:bolic Jaromil Jaromil 2001 none 2007 multimedia Free
EasyPeasy Jon Ramvi, EasyPeasy community Jon Ramvi, EasyPeasy community 2008 Debian, Ubuntu 2010 netbooks Free
ELinOS SYSGO SYSGO 1999 none 2010 embedded systems ?
Elive Thanatermesis Thanatermesis 2005 Debian 2010 desktop Free
EnGarde Secure Linux Guardian Digital, Inc. Guardian Digital, Inc. 2001 none 2008 server Free
Fedora Fedora Project Fedora Project 2003 Red Hat Linux 2012 general Free
Finnix Ryan Finnie Ryan Finnie 2000 Debian 2011 maintenance Free
Foresight Linux Ken VanDine dev team 2004 rPath 2009, rolling general Free
Freespire, Inc. Linspire, Inc. 2002 Debian 2007 desktop Free
Frugalware Miklos Vajna dev team 2004 Slackware 2011, rolling general Free
Gentoo Linux Daniel Robbins Gentoo Foundation, Inc. 2002 none 2012, rolling general Free
gNewSense Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley dev team 2006 Debian, Ubuntu 2009 desktop Free
Gnoppix Klaus Knopper dev team 2005 Debian, Knoppix 2005 live Free
gnuLinEx Regional Government of Extremadura dev team 2002 Debian 2006 desktop ?
GoboLinux Hisham Muhammad, Andre Detsch dev team 2002 none 2008 desktop Free
gOS Good OS LLC Good OS LLC 2007 Debian, Ubuntu 2009 desktop Free
Grml Michael Prokop The Grml Team 2005 Debian 2012 live, maintenance, security, network, forensic, accessibility Free
Impi Linux Gauteng Linux Users Group Impi Linux (Pty) Ltd. 2003 Debian 2006 desktop Free
Instant WebKiosk Marco Buratto Binary Emotions 2012 Debian 2012 web kiosks, digital signage Free
Kanotix Jörg Schirottke (Kano) dev team 2003 Debian, Knoppix 2010 desktop, live Free
KateOS KateOS Team KateOS Team 2004 Slackware 2007 desktop ?
Knoppix Klaus Knopper dev team 2003 Debian 2012 live Free
KnoppMyth Cecil Watson dev team 2004 Debian, Knoppix 2009 desktop, live Free
Kuki Linux João Ferro kuki bakers 2008 Debian, Ubuntu 2009 netbooks Free
Kurumin Carlos Morimoto GuiadoHardware 2003 Debian, Knoppix 2008 desktop, live Free
Linspire, Inc. Linspire, Inc. 2002 Debian, Ubuntu 2007 desktop ?
Linux Mint Clement Lefebvre dev team 2006 Debian, Ubuntu 2012 desktop Free
Lunar Linux Chuck Mead, Lunar Penguin Project 2002 Sorcerer 2007 general ?
Mageia Mageia Community 2010 Mandriva Linux 2012 general Free
Mandriva Linux Mandrakesoft S.A. Mandriva S.A. 1998 Red Hat Linux 2011 general ?
MEPIS Warren Woodford MEPIS LLC 2003 Debian 2010 desktop, server ?
MintPPC Jeroen Diederen Jeroen Diederen 2010 Debian 2011 desktop ?
MontaVista Linux MontaVista Software MontaVista Software 1999 Debian 2007 embedded systems ?
Musix GNU/Linux Marcos Guglielmetti dev team 2008 Debian, Knoppix, Kanotix 2009 audio ?
Netrunner Blue Systems dev team 2009 Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu 2012 desktop, kde ?
Network Security Toolkit Ronald W. Henderson, Paul Blankenbaker dev team 2003 Fedora 2012 network, security ?
NimbleX Bogdan Radulescu Bogdan Radulescu 2005 Slackware 2008 desktop ?
Nitix Net Integration Technologies, Inc. Net Integration Technologies, Inc. 2001 none 2007 server ?
Novell Open Enterprise Server Novell Novell, Inc. dev team 2003 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 2009 server ?
openSUSE SUSE Linux, Novell Novell, Inc., openSUSE Project 1994 SUSE Linux 2012 general ?
OpenWrt ? OpenWrt team 2007 none 2010 embedded systems ?
Oracle Linux Oracle Corporation Oracle Corporation 2006 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 2012 server ?
Pardus Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) TÜBİTAK 2005 none 2011 general ?
Parsix Alan Baghumian Parsix Project 2005 Debian 2012 desktop ?
PCLinuxOS Bill Reynolds dev team 2003 PCLinuxOS 2012 desktop ?
Pentoo Michael Zanetta, Rick Farina, Jens Pranaitis Pentoo 2005 Gentoo Linux 2009 auditing, security ?
Puppy Linux Barry Kauler Puppy Foundation 2003 none 2012 portable, lightweight Free
Puredyne Aymeric Mansoux GOTO10, Puredyne Team 2005 Debian, Ubuntu 2010 art, design, audio, multimedia ?
Red Flag Linux Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, NewMargin Venture Capital Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. 1999 Red Hat Linux 2009 general ?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Red Hat Red Hat 2002 Red Hat Linux, Fedora 2011 server, workstation ?
Red Hat Linux Red Hat Red Hat 1995 none 2003 server, workstation ?
Rocks Cluster Distribution UCSD Supercomputing Center, Clustercorp UCSD Supercomputing Center, Clustercorp 2000 Red Hat Linux 2009 server, workstation ?
Rxart Pixart SRL Pixart SRL 2000 Debian 2006 general ?
Sabayon Linux lxnay Design dev team 2005 Gentoo Linux 2012, rolling general ?
Scientific Linux CERN, Fermilab dev team 2004 Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 2012 server, workstation ?
SHR Bobby Martin SHR community 2008 OpenEmbedded Rolling embedded systems ?
sidux sidux team sidux team 2007 Debian Sid 2009 desktop ?
Slackware Patrick Volkerding dev team 1993 Softlanding Linux System 2012 general ?
Slax Tomas Matejicek Tomas Matejicek 2002 Slackware 2009 live ?
SliTaz GNU/Linux Christophe Lincoln dev team 2008 none 2012 portable ?
Source Mage GNU/Linux Ryan Abrams, Eric Schabell dev team 2002 Sorcerer 2009 general ?
Super OS hacktolive hacktolive 2008 Debian, Ubuntu 2011 general, offline use ?
SUSE Linux SUSE Linux, Novell Novell, Inc. dev team 1994 Slackware, Jurix 2010 workstation, server ?
Symphony OS Ryan Quinn Ryan Quinn, Jason Spisak 2005 Debian 2008 desktop ?
SYS W.Landgraf W.Landgraf 2007 Slackware 2010 general ?
Tiny Core Linux Robert Shingledecker Team Tiny Core 2009 Tiny Core Linux 2012 portable ?
Tor-ramdisk Anthony G. Basile dev team 2008 Gentoo Linux Embedded, uClibc 2011 Tor server ?
Trustix Comodo Group, Inc. Comodo Group, Inc. 2000 Red Hat Linux 2007 server ?
Ubuntu Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2004 Debian 2012 general Free
Kubuntu Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2005 Debian 2012 desktop Free
Xubuntu Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2006 Debian 2012 desktop Free
Edubuntu Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2005 Debian 2011 computer lab Free
Gobuntu Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2007 Debian 2008 desktop ?
Ubuntu Studio Canonical Ltd. Canonical Ltd. 2007 Debian 2011 multimedia Free
Ututo Diego Saravia, Daniel Olivera UTUTO dev team 2000 Gentoo Linux 2009 general ?
VectorLinux Robert S. Lange dev team 1999 Slackware 2012 desktop ?
Wolvix Wolven Wolven 2007 Slackware 2009 desktop ?
Xandros Xandros Corp. Xandros, Inc. 2002 Corel Linux 2007 desktop ?
XBMC The XBMC Project Team-XBMC 2008 Debian, Ubuntu 2011 multimedia Free
Yellow Dog Linux Terra Soft Solutions Fixstars Solutions 1999 RHEL, CentOS, Fedora 2009 general Free
Yoper Andreas Giradet The Yoper Team 2003 none 2010 general ?
Zentyal eBox Technologies eBox Technologies 2005 Debian, Ubuntu 2012 Small Business Server ?
Zenwalk Jean-Philippe Guillemin dev team 2004 Slackware 2011 general ?
Distribution Creator Producer First public release Base distribution Latest release date Purpose

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