Commercial Software

Commercial software, or less commonly, payware, is computer software that is produced for sale or that serves commercial purposes.

Commercial software is most often proprietary software, but free software packages may also be commercial software.

All or parts of software packages and services that support commerce are increasingly made available as free software. This includes products from Red Hat, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Google, and Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation uses "commercial software", to describe their business model.

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... Beyond Security beSTORM is a commercial black box software security analysis tool ... ExhaustiF is a commercial software tool used for grey box testing based on software fault injection (SWIFI) to improve reliability of software intensive systems ... The tool can be used during system integration and system testing phases of any software development lifecycle, complementing other testing tools as well ...
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... Bossam (software), an RETE-based rule engine with native supports for reasoning over OWL ontologies, SWRL rules, and RuleML rules ... (which is free to download and use) and the commercial OWLIM-se and OWLIM-enterprise ...
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... While less common than commercial proprietary software, free and open-source software may also be commercial software ... This is a fact that the Free Software Foundation emphasizes, and is the basis of the Open Source Initiative ... Under the free software business model, free software vendors may charge a fee for distribution and offer pay support and software customization services ...

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