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Evolution of MVS
... on VM as well), which allows the user to accomplish the same tasks as TSO's command line but in a menu and form oriented manner, and with a full screen editor and ... TSO's basic interface is command line, although facilities were added later for form-driven interfaces) ... hierarchy of error-handling programs, in system (kernel/'privileged') mode, called Functional Recovery Routines, and in user ('task' or 'problem program') mode, called "ESTAE" (Extende ...
Command And Data Modes (modem) - Switching Between Modes
... Modems always start out in command mode when powered up ... are the ways a modem can switch to data mode After a successful dial-out connection in response to an "ATD" dial command in which the modem reaches another modem ... After answering the phone with the "ATA" answer command, if another modem is on the other end ...
Narrow-band/phone-line Dialup Modems
... In operation, the modem can be in one of two modes ... In Data mode, data is sent to and from the computer over the phone lines, and in command mode, the modem executes commands from the computer ... (often inside the computer itself) which automatically assumes command mode, then sending it the command for dialing a number ...

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    A man of genius has a right to any mode of expression.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)

    It is manifest therefore that they who have sovereign power, are immediate rulers of the church under Christ, and all others but subordinate to them. If that were not, but kings should command one thing upon pain of death, and priests another upon pain of damnation, it would be impossible that peace and religion should stand together.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)