Colorado River - Major Tributaries

Major Tributaries

The Colorado is joined by over twenty-five significant tributaries, of which the Green River is the largest by both length and discharge, taking drainage from the Wind River Range of west-central Wyoming, Utah's Uinta Mountains and the Rockies of northwestern Colorado. The Gila River is the second longest and drains a greater area, but even in its natural state it averaged less than a third of the Green's flow because of its significantly more arid watershed. Both the Gunnison and the San Juan Rivers, which derive most of their water from Rocky Mountains snowmelt, contribute more water than the Gila did naturally.

Statistics of the Colorado's longest tributaries
Name State Length Watershed Discharge
mi km mi2 km2 cfs m3/s
Green River UT 730 1,170 48,100 125,000 6,048 171.3
Gila River AZ 649 1,044 58,200 151,000 247 7.0
San Juan River UT 383 616 24,600 64,000 2,192 62.1
Little Colorado River AZ 356 573 26,500 69,000 424 12.0
Dolores River UT 229 369 4,574 11,850 633 17.9
Gunnison River CO 164 264 7,930 20,500 2,570 73
Virgin River NV 162 261 13,020 33,700 239 6.8

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