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Color Filter Array - Manufacture of The CFA
... one material used as the carrier for making color filters from color dyes ... Color photoresists sometimes used include those with chemical monikers CMCR101R, CMCR101G, CMCR101B, CMCR106R, CMCR106G, and CMCR106B ... optical properties, and optimal manufacturing processes of color filter arrays ...
Color Filter Array
... In photography, a color filter array (CFA), or color filter mosaic (CFM), is a mosaic of tiny color filters placed over the pixel sensors of an image sensor to capture color ... Color filters are needed because the typical photosensors detect light intensity with little or no wavelength specificity, and therefore cannot separate color information ... The color filters filter the light by wavelength range, such that the separate filtered intensities include information about the color of light ...

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