Collegiate Institute

A collegiate institute is a school either of secondary education or higher education. The definition varies regionally, and has been largely unused outside of Canada since the early 20th century.

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List Of Educational Institutions In Scarborough, Ontario - Secondary Schools
... Agincourt Collegiate Institute Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary ... Pearson Collegiate Institute Mariyah Islamic School Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School Neil McNeil Catholic Secondary School R.H ... King Academy Satec at W.A.Porter Collegiate Senator O'Connor College School Sir John A ...
Collegiate Institute - United States
... Collegiate institutes in the United States were, for the most part, colleges, and even the first name of Yale University when founded in 1701 was a similar-sounding Collegiate School ... Two examples of collegiate institutes in the United States before the term fell out of use are the Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio, now Oberlin College, and the Pentecostal ... from 1902 until 1918, demonstrating the flexibility of the term collegiate institute ...
Scarritt College - History
... Williamson, the seminary was incorporated, taking the name Neosho Collegiate Institute ... after several years of financial difficulties, the Neosho Collegiate Institute was forced to close ... Spencer Scarritt of Kansas City, the school reopened the following spring under the name Scarritt Collegiate Institute, in honor of its benefactor ...
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute
... Lakeshore Collegiate Institute (originally operated as New Toronto Secondary School beginning in 1950) is a high school located in New Toronto that serves the New Toronto, Long ... This led to the closure of many schools including Kingsmill Collegiate Institute, Alderwood Collegiate Institute, and Mimico High School whose students were combined into the New Toronto High ...
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... Secondary school enrollment and Fraser Institute provincial rankings are as follows SCDSB secondary schools Name Enrollment 1-year ranking of 727 5-year ranking ...

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